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Basically we do visual storytelling, which always starts from drawings. Either drawing as a concept or drawing as a product, we always begin our work by scribbling through our pens. But our final goal is to share stories directly to the audience, through digital comics, printed books, or even animated films. In the future we are aiming to draw more concepts into other mediums: live action films, retail products, and cartoon mascots & characters.

Since we usually work with our title end-to-end, actually we have range of services that focus on your marketing program (as agencies do) or animation & webcomic production in larger capacity (as production houses do). For our agency-like services, we provide packaging design to social media management. For our production house-like services, we provide animation and webcomic production as well.

Our rate really depends on the technical and artistic difficulty of each case. See it like this: You can have two rooms same as big, but one could be furnished with old Indonesian antiques, the other could be fournished with the Swedish minimalistic furniture brand. The size is the same, both look good, but the price differs. Contact us at xxx for the general ballpark.

Yes! We can provide you services to boost your campaign by using our proven model original title (Bintang Iklan Khayalan) or custom-made a campaign for you according to your business needs. Email us at

We can have a licensing partnership using our current running shows, dig up from our story library to pitch if you need new and fresh titles, or even partner to escalate the numbers of your current titles. We have many titles that haven't been developed yet for the lack of home and funding, so we are looking for partners that have the same vision as us! Email us at

With pleasure! We can collaborate to create a boutique or retail content through illustrated-based products, or become partners in crime to create a bank of fresh contents. Email us at


Our open positions will not be updated on this website. Follow our Instagram for the latest information on open recruitments.

For full time and internship positions, generally no, as long as you have an edge and can convey stories through your drawings. However the basics should be covered: anatomy, composition, expression, color, perspectives. For freelance positions, usually we select the portfolio and style based on our project needs.

Yes! Our team also consists of producers, line producers, and sales team as well. If you have producing and sales portfolio, you can send your CV and Portfolio to

We are open for Work from Home modes, but there are several conditions where you must move to Bandung for strategic and training purposes.

Usually our process has 3 steps: Portfolio & CV screening, interview, and workshop. Workshop is usually meant to refine the direction of the director.

Yes! We select based on merit (skills & experience), so everyone is welcome to apply. Also, it is a plus point when you have organizational or extracurricular experience! Please note that these organizational or extracurricular experience don't have to be in school, it could be initiatives from your community too.

Our team are usually full-time, freelance, and internship only. Part-time positions are available only for very specific job functions.

Our internship programs are open 2 times a year (Open submissions in June & January), for duration of your choice (3 or 6 months). We accept interns by merit (based on skill & experience) without considering their educational backgrounds, especially those who love drawing and visual storytelling. Find more information on our Instagram page.

Here is a real answer by a real intern in Kolam Susu: "Interns are being guided and mentored di their own respective fields. We get lunch if we go to the studio! We get various experiences throughout the internship period, such as sitting in meetings with clients. We can chit chat with everyone on any topic. We get a lot of insights and also lent many interesting books."


We are open for many kinds of partnership and collaborations. Our partnership ranges from creative collaborations (media barter, artist collaborations, publishers), business partnerships (strategic investments), and educational engagement (seminar, workshops, school visits).

For business, investment, and strategic partnerships, you can email us at tri For creative collaborations, events, or educational engagements, you can email us at

We open investment models for our current running and upcoming original titles (IP), and investment models for Kolam Susu Studio at scale. Our vision in the next 10 years is to build Kolam Susu toward the media and entertainment landscape.

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